There has never been more opportunity for organisations small and large to use the power of computing and leverage the exponential growth in data.

Digital disruption re-writes businesses models. It empowers and destroys. It allows small resource-constrained organisations win in areas that large enterprises cannot compete in. It's an unstoppable transformation that profoundly affects companies, governments and societies around the world. Some jobs will disappear, new jobs will be created. Some of today's markets will evaporate, new ones will emerge. Fortunes will be won and lost.

We have almost 100 years of history helping people understand the big picture challenges that are coming and deliver the both understanding and tools necessary to make change work.

The Data61 strategic insight toolkit contains scenario planning, horizon scanning, technology road-mapping, megatrends analysis, risk analysis, decision theory, strategic planning, statistical forecasting and systems modelling.

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While we provide consulting and advisory services to governments, companies and peak industry bodies, we are different. We don't consult at a distance, we move in right next to our client and their challenge. We partner in order to advise. We are co-creators, co-inventors and innovators. And because we have created our own start-ups and spin-outs, we know how to produce the outcome our partners are looking for.

Our experience is hard-won from the discipline of delivering solutions. We can reach across the entire spectrum of CSIRO's world-class research excellence to develop a solution that is often cross-functional, with the client-responsiveness of the world's best consulting firms. And we move you to your solution faster.

How can we help your organisation understand the implications of the digital economy, explore plausible futures and make strategic choices?

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