The challenges facing today's businesses and governments may be complicated, but there's one thing most agree on: regardless of the problem, we all want software that works and data we can trust. At Data61, we provide both, and along the way we help solve real world problems, through highly customised out-of-the-box solutions.

Our expertise runs both wide and deep. We provide data management, analytics and computation platforms; help overcome the challenges that come with decentralised data ownership; tackle cybersecurity; assist 'big data' to be shared and integrated; and develop systems which ensure that the data used in our partners' decision making can be trusted.

Where we work

Our work has already impacted critical decision making software in the aviation, automotive, medical and defence industries; been used in enterprise and cloud systems; and is part of the Internet of Things. In addition, Data61's experts are increasingly being relied on to develop and support cyber security and high assurance systems; urban systems, transport and logistics; and computation platforms in both business and science.

Explore Data61

seL4 for dependable systems software >

For truly dependable systems, the software must be trustworthy. SeL4 protects critical systems from software failures and cyber attacks.

Security for critical systems >

As part of an international partnership we are developing a complete, formally proven software package that will protect the critical systems of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

Creating dependable cloud computing >

As storing data on the internet becomes more widespread, we are developing solutions to make cloud computing more reliable.

Faster drug discovery >

We have developed software that rapidly and accurately provides vital information on cells to aid drug discovery and biological research.

Cracking the case on road monitoring >

Our RoadCrack imaging technology automates the task of surveying the nation’s roads with a capacity to detect cracks one millimetre wide from beneath the chassis of a moving vehicle.

A secure platform connecting IoT devices >

Creating a bespoke application that enables IoT devices to talk to one another securely.

Swarm sensing: tiny technology creates a buzz >

Thousands of honey bees have been fitted with tiny sensors as part of a world-first research program to monitor the insects’ movements. The team are working with Brazil’s Vale Institute of Technology to take the technology to the Amazon.

Scanning bugs in 3D >

A faster and more accurate way of measuring the characteristics of microscopic bugs and insects in natural colour.

Seeing art from every angle  >

Visitors to the National Gallery of Australia experience a new angle on art – examining artefacts in three dimensional detail via an interactive touch screen.

Assessing breast density automatically >

We’ve worked with the University of Melbourne to develop software to help identify women at higher risk of breast cancer and women potentially suited to personalised cancer screening strategies. This work was a merit recipient in the R&D category of the New South Wales iAwards 2015.

The Hungry Microbiome >

We've created a fascinating biomedical animation, The Hungry Microbiome, to bring to life years of scientific research and educate the public on how starch gets broken down in the gut.

Minardo >

We've developed an innovative web-based tool that allows researchers to examine time-series datasets generated by high-throughput mass spectrometry experiments.

Visualising complex proteins >

We've created a publicly available web resource that is helping life scientists work with large amounts of complex protein data.

The virtual mouth >

Our favourite everyday processed foods could taste just as good but be healthier in future, thanks to our virtual mouth technology that is revealing the science of chewing.

See all of our Software and computational systems projects >

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