Our work may be data driven, but we're the ones who help you bridging the communications gap. We relentlessly seek out research and real-world use to inform design solutions are both meaningful in purpose and aesthetically beautiful. The key? We focus on those experiences that help remove friction and warm an emotional connection between people, (both the users and makers) and investigate their interactions with other people and data, systems and services.

It's an approach our software engineers, user experience (UX) specialists and designers are renowned for: they weave UX and design in early to almost all of our business-focused projects.

Our team is hands-on, working throughout the entire solution build to employ workflow analysis and 'backstage' user interactions with systems; interaction design and workflow mapping; user interface design and the myriad other tasks essential to creating top notch user experience. We follow these invisible digital footprints to help you to better understand your user journeys.

How we work

Harnessing the power of technology requires focusing on the impact this technology has in the hands of real people. For technology to really have an impact, it needs to be humanised and be both motivating and accessible.

The secret of our success is that we focus on the people who will use our technologies and products, during project development and while we're investigating interactions with data, systems and services.

We have a direct connection to Data61's deep technology research and are experts in the emerging technology sector. And we thrive on uncertainty. This combination results in a rare capability that can provide you with results that have significant impact.

Our agile and lean approaches to collaboration mean that we create minimum viable solutions that can be validated and iterated quickly to deliver you value, fast.

We extend the reach of our clients and partners to achieve results sooner and our results speak for themselves. You imagine your data-driven future – we help you get there faster.

How we think

You may spot our engineers at the usual design conferences, but we're more likely to be at a hackathon or Internet of Things event. We have a direct connection to deep technology research and are experts working in the emerging technology sector. Uncertainty may bother others, but we thrive on it. In fact, we embrace disposable deliverables and know from practical experience that explore/define/refine cycles are elastic.

Our agile approach means we create hypothetical solutions that can be validated and iterated quickly. We also find it keeps teams and users engaged, while providing fast input for researchers and developers

Explore Data61

Mapping Australia-wide data >

We developed the Australian Government's NationalMap, pulling data from government bodies around the country to give a single view of information by location.

Coviu: Real-time service delivery >

We’ve developed a new cross-platform video and data conferencing technology to deliver expert services into geographically and socially disadvantaged communities.

Visualising and analysing spatial data >

We’ve developed Terria™, a spatial data platform that provides advanced mapping software and spatial inference.

Determinant: Smart data acquisition >

Determinant is a software service that makes predictions from sparse data, and learns what data it needs to optimise its performance.

Helping Tip Top save on distribution costs >

With transportation costs topping $100 million per year, we helped Tip Top bakeries optimise their fleet logistics to improve service and reduce costs.

Regulation as a Platform >

We're re-imagining regulation as an open platform based on digital logic to help support a growing ecosystem of digital regulation tools and services.

Getting industry closer to academia >

There’s no shortage of smart undergraduate and post-graduates students wanting to work and build skills while studying.

Bringing together geospatial data >

We've created AREMI, a free, open access portal to geospatial data for the renewable energy industry.

Mapping global risks >

Data visualisation is providing greater understanding of the social, economic and environmental cost of natural disasters as well as highlighting areas of greatest vulnerability.

Visualising GPS tracks >

Anyone who walks, runs, hikes, skis, glides, rock climbs, flies a drone or paraglides can use Doarama's GPS track visualisations to graphically represent their performance on social media.

Advanced transport analytics >

We're using machine learning techniques to make transport networks safer and smarter.

Confidential Computing – Insights from data without seeing the data >

We’ve developed a way to analyse data without seeing all the data, in such a way that preserves privacy and confidentiality while enabling richer data insights to be derived.

See all of our Data61 user experience and design projects >

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