For decision making to be done well in our ever-accelerating digital economy, the process is complex but can be simple. Complex, because staying a step ahead of best practice means never standing still. And with the world getting faster you need help to keep up.

Simple because at Data61, we're the ones to help you use new tools and technologies to extract and analyse information from vast volumes of data.

We're the ones who help you to see further, understand deeper and act sooner.

When you increase the amount of data you analyse 100-fold, you get a 10,000-fold multiplication in the number of patterns you can see in that data.

That's why we are creating increasingly powerful approaches to analyse and optimise large and complex engineered systems. Our work combines numerical modelling, quantitative risk and visualisation technologies, and we rarely shy away from a challenge. Find yourself managing situations where high levels of uncertainty prevail? We'll develop a new methodology to assist with optimal decision making.

We are experts at pushing the boundaries of what data can do. We develop language processing, sentiment analysis and other content analytics techniques to better inform management teams asking: "What is actionable information?" Then, we combine our technological nous with social and cognitive sciences, economics and analytics: from this place we have the understanding to support digitally-driven innovation in our communities and business networks. .

Where and how we work

Our skillsets are wide and deep. You'll find us working on operations research and artificial intelligence projects, through to computational linguistics. We extend the reach of our clients and partners to achieve results sooner and our results speak for themselves. We cross industries – Data61's quant models assist the finance and superannuation industries, but we also work with galleries, archives and museums; on natural hazards mitigation; and in human performance.

Get there faster with us, and create your data-driven future – today.

Case studies

Explore Data61

A national fire behaviour knowledge base >

We've developed a new computer application that enables the easy calculation of expected fire danger and fire behaviour via a simple easy‑to-use interface.

Spark: Predicting bushfire spread >

Bushfires are complex processes, making it difficult to accurately predict their progress across the landscape, so we have developed Spark, which can model bushfire spread to help plan for and manage bushfires.

ERIC: Improving disaster response effectiveness >

We’ve developed software known as Emergency Response Intelligence Capability (or ERIC) to automate situation reporting during large-scale emergency events.

TweetRipple: Understanding Social Media Audiences and Impact >

We're helping government agencies to identify and segment their social media followers, allowing them to develop targeted messaging for bigger impact and reach.

Planning energy efficient homes >

We're using geographic information and thermal mapping to help individual home owners and councils plan more energy efficient and sustainable infrastructure.

Optimising the Hunter Valley Coal Chain >

We're working with the Hunter Valley Coal Chain Coordinator to develop innovative optimisation models for more efficient and strategic management of infrastructure and rail scheduling.

ESA: Software for Emergency Situation Awareness >

Our Emergency Situation Awareness (ESA) software detects unusual behaviour on Twitter and quickly alerts the user when a disaster event is being broadcast.

Reducing costs for Rio Tinto >

We’re working with Rio Tinto in Western Australia’s Pilbara region to maximise the throughput of their rail system by using simulations to balance train scheduling with maintenance and other system constraints.

Global banks use our maths >

We’ve developed a powerful collection of mathematical models to assist banks and financial institutions in pricing all major exotic foreign exchange options.

The science of super >

While each of us wants to benefit from our own superannuation in our retirement, we also want to see our consolidated super benefit Australia’s economy.

Touring the HMB Endeavour digitally >

Students from around Australia are able to tour the iconic ship, the HMB Endeavour, without leaving school, thanks to our digital technology expertise.

Reducing waste through ASPIRE >

Your trash is someone else's treasure. ASPIRE is a collaborative marketplace for waste management.

Exploring the Jenolan Caves >

We've joined forces with science education experts from 3P Learning to develop ‘immersive learning’ environments which allow students to explore locations from their home or classroom.

Visiting the National Museum >

We’ve created a mobile telepresence robot that helps to connect school kids and visitors from regional areas to the National Museum of Australia.

Software for science >

Our Workspace software offers scientists and researchers an easy way to analyse, model and visualise scientific datasets.

Modelling better flood responses in Port Phillip Bay >

We’re using 3D flood modelling and visualisation to help inform disaster planning and infrastructure needs.

Performance in the pool >

We're using our expertise in human performance modelling to give our swimmers and divers the edge at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Vizie: Connecting with customers through social media >

Our social media monitoring tool Vizie is transforming the way government agencies listen to, understand and respond to customer feedback from social media.

Social media tools for libraries >

Libraries face unique challenges when using social media channels to help deliver services. We have developed tools to support libraries in dealing with complex data archival and analysis as well as customer engagement.

We feel: tracking the mental health of the nation >

We’ve developed a tool called ‘We Feel’ to see if social media can accurately map our emotions and help us better understand mental health.

Creating more intuitive website experiences  >

LATTE is a software tool that deciphers patterns in how people interact with websites, in order to improve the customer experience.

See all of our Decision sciences projects >

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