As humans propel towards a world where algorithms increasingly dominate everything from the way our power is allocated through to the news on our smartphones, the demand for those who understand cyber-physical systems is escalating.

Cyber-physical systems is the connection of digital devices to the physical environment, and at Data61 we work, live and breathe it. We've built biosensors to monitor oyster health; systems that collect and monitor real time agricultural data; driverless vehicles for hazardous situations and drones for environmental monitoring.

In the process, we've made sensing accurate, robust and secure; learned how to collect, store and distribute data efficiently and reliably; developed highly accurate, fast and ubiquitous 3D world mapping with multisensory data (3D++); and while we were at it, augmented human capabilities through wearable sensors and robotic co-workers.

How it looks

Bringing together the digital and physical worlds is where we work, and Data61's experts use their skills in:

  • micro-sensing
  • signal processing
  • communication systems
  • distributed sensor systems
  • robotics
  • networks
  • smart vision.

We extend the reach of our clients and partners to achieve results sooner and our results speak for themselves. We'll help you create your data-driven future – today.

Explore Data61

HeatWave: handheld thermal sensor >

HeatWave is a lightweight handheld device that delivers accurate real-time temperature information overlaid on a precise 3D model of an object or scene.

Hexapods: Legged Robots >

Our legged robots have got the moves when it comes to traversing areas that humans can’t face alone.

Zebedee: handheld laser scanner >

Zebedee is a handheld laser scanner that creates 3D maps of difficult environments in the time it takes to walk through them. It doesn’t rely on GPS, making it suitable for a range of scientific and commercial applications.

Phenonet: harnessing digital agriculture >

Phenonet collects, processes and visualises sensor data from the field in near real-time. It is helping plant scientists and farmers identify the best crop varieties to increase yield and efficiency of digital agriculture.

An open source platform for the Internet of Things >

Working with a group of international partners we've developed an open source platform that brings sensor networks, analytics and cloud computing together.

Bio-sensors: discovering the secret life of oysters >

We have developed a world first mollusc bio-sensor capable of delivering physiological data in real-time from animals in commercial environments.

Sense-T: intelligent sensor network >

Sense-T is creating the world's first economy-wide intelligent sensor network that integrates different data sources to build a digital view of Tasmania.

Hot metal carrier: driverless vehicle >

Part of our Guardian Worker suite of technologies, our hot metal carrier is a large driverless vehicle that can safely operate in industrial worksites such as smelters.

ReMoTe: wearable technology >

Part of our Guardian Mentor suite of technologies, ReMoTe gives maintenance workers in remote locations access to a virtual pair of expert eyes and hands to guide them through difficult tasks.

Camazotz: smart tech keeping track of bats >

Our sustainable and versatile tracking system Camazotz is being used to monitor flying foxes across Australia, helping ecologists understand and predict the spread of disease.

Tracking the world's top athletes >

We’ve partnered with Catapult Sports, a world leader in athlete tracking devices, to deliver a new wireless tracking solution for indoor sports applications.

Tracking in underground mines >

Our wireless tracking technology can hone in on mine workers deep underground, helping to boost productivity and more importantly save lives.

Bringing WiFi to the world >

We invented and patented wireless local area network (WLAN) in the 1990s – a technology that has given us the freedom to work wirelessly in our homes and offices.

Ngara: Next gen wireless >

Ngara is our next-wave wireless technology that is optimising the wireless spectrum and helping connect more Australians in more places.

Rovers: sharpening satellite signals >

Our autonomous rover vehicle is helping scientists from across the world automate the task of regularly calibrating global earth observation satellites.

Starbug underwater vehicle: collecting data from the sea >

Starbug is an inexpensive, miniature autonomous underwater vehicle ideal for data collection and ecosystem surveys.

See all of our Cyber-physical systems projects >

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