In today's data-focused world, there's no doubt that numbers count. At Data61, we turn big, complex data sets into knowledge. These numbers add insight. They help you see further, understand deeper and see it sooner. Our experts know data in a way few others do. In fact, we focus on every aspect of data R&D. We know how to think about it, how to use it, and how to value it: it's expertise which helps our partners across business, government and industry solve real problems every day.

We will help you think through, research and identify the latest, most advanced technologies and most effective processes to help find, adapt, improve or create solutions for you.

We're leaders in data-centric R&D

There has never been more opportunity for organisations small and large to use the power of computing and leverage the exponential growth in data. As our partner or client, you'll work with us across data collection design, data capture and data consumption; statistics, modelling and analytics; cybersecurity; robotics; sensing platforms; communications and networking; software engineering and user experience design; decision sciences; and behavioural economics and cognitive sciences.

Our experts have a strong delivery focus underpinned by excellence in engineering, technology development, user experience, project management and commercialising data-centric solutions.

Work with us to create your data-driven future - today.

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