The challenge

Sharing outdoor adventures visually

Extreme sportspeople and event organisers want to share their passion for their sport. How can these niche sports be shared using a smartphone or sports GPS tracker?

Our response

A web-based 3D visualisation engine

We developed Doarama™ , the web 3D visualisation engine for geolocated activities. The service allows users to upload GPS track logs of activities they have participated in (from a smartphone or sports GPS tracker) to These tracks are then automatically visualised on a 3D map using familiar controls and intuitive navigation. The visualisation is customisable in various ways by the user, who can then share their experience with others such as their friends on social media networks.

The features of Doarama™ are:

  • synchronised video, photos and annotations
  • multiple GPS tracks at any one time
  • immersive virtual reality support including Oculus Rift
  • embed into your web service using our application programming interface (API)
  • automatically visualised on an interactive 3D map. 

The results

Doarama™ 3D visualisation engine

Doarama™ visualisations can provide a unique and visually compelling way to tell the adventure stories of our adventures. Users can include synchronised video, photos and text labels to enhance the experience. Users are then able to share the customised visualisations with their friends on popular social media networks.

The Doarama™ site attracts around 10,000 hits per month, including users and companies using the Doarama API under licence to show Doarama™ visualisations within their websites (e.g. flying, paragliding and drone operations). It uses an agile methodology involving short cycles and regular releases to an active user base, measuring the level of usage of different features, seeking user feedback and quickly iterating on features of the service to create a first-of-its-kind, high-value technology and service.

The following interactive visualisation is provided as a demonstration of the technology and may not meet all accessibility requirements.

Visualisation of participants competing in the Red Bull X-Alps adventure race. Video moves through view of terrain flyover, following athletes (represented by markers) racing along the Alps track using Doarama™ technology.

This interactive visualisation is provided as a demonstration of the technology and may not meet all accessibility requirements.

Doarama™ visualisation of Red Bull X-Alps 2015 adventure race

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