The challenge

Crime scenes can be difficult to investigate

Crime scenes can be difficult to investigate. They’re often places like dense bushland, steep slopes or dangerous caves, which can make thorough sweeps of the scene both tough and time consuming.

Our response

Handheld laser scanning for greater accessibility

The Queensland Police Service are using Zebedee to help them easily access these hard to reach places, and map confined spaces where it may be difficult to set up bulky camera equipment and tripods. 

The Queensland Police Service is using Zebedee to help piece together crime scene puzzles.  ©iStock, Paul Fleet

The results

Zebedee puts the CSI in CSIRO

Using data collected by the scanner, police investigators can quickly recreate the scene on their computer in 3D, and view it from any angle they want. They can then locate and tag evidence to particular locations with pinpoint accuracy, which reduces disturbance of the crime scene and is also much less time consuming than more conventional methods.

Zebedee will also help our local detectives and crime fighters generate and pursue lines of enquiry for incidents like murder cases and car crashes.

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