The challenge

The tyranny of distance is a barrier to fair and universal access to health care

Health delivery is a universal problem, and while every country is different, it's easy to see some of the challenges faced by Australian patients. For patients living in our regional or remote areas access to allied health services such as speech pathology or psychology can mean a long drive: there simply aren't enough practitioners available locally.

The services that these patients are seeking need to be delivered frequently - possibly multiple times a week - making it almost impossible to access if it's too far away.

There are also those who physically can't make a long trip to see a practitioner on a regular basis, such as the elderly and busy working parents.

Our response

Enabling healthcare providers with affordable, high-quality video consultation capability

Coviu (pronounce: co-view) is a new real-time video platform that is set to play a key role in transforming Australian healthcare delivery, particularly in remote and regional areas. Coviu pushes the boundaries of video conferencing by building on a new web real-time communications technology (WebRTC) standard. The platform integrates video consultations neatly with existing practice management systems.

Regional and remote patients, as well as the elderly and working parents are already benefiting from the early implementation of the platform. Here are some examples of how we're making a difference.

Coviu allows healthcare providers to offer remote advice from the comfort of their home.

In hospitals across Australia, some of our leading oncologists regularly swap information on their most challenging cases. They pour over scans and high quality medical imaging, share ideas and put some of Australia's best brains in the same room. Except they're not in the same room: they're using Coviu.

We've partnered with regional allied health network Health Team Australia (HTA) to deliver affordable, uniformly available video consultation services in rural and remote areas across Australia.

Many early users of Coviu provide speech and language services, including the Royal Far West School and the NSW Department of Education. Using Coviu's secure, cloud-based solution, these customers have begun sharing stimulus materials like pictures, forms or games and high quality video and audio with their remotely-located patients during video consults.

We also work with an online medical specialist providers such as psychiatrist services and Ramsay Healthcare, who are using the platform for multi-disciplinary team meetings.

Coviu works in web browsers, mobile devices and on the desktop.

The results

Sharing specialised data in a meaningful way, online

It's expected that over 20,000 Australians will have used Coviu by the end of 2018.

We are continuing to expand delivery of video health consultations to Australia's geographically and socially disadvantaged communities and applying our technology across the globe to similar problems in other countries.

For many Australians, that important trip to their healthcare provider will be the support it's intended, not the stress it so often becomes.

We have made our reusable software modules available as open source technology at Open Source Web RTC

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