The challenge

Mapping is difficult in industrial environments

Producing reliable 3D maps can be a useful tool for industrial applications. For example, manufacturers can map components on a production line and track their progress to improve efficiency and flow. There’s also the opportunity create real-to-life simulations of the factory floor for training and quality control activities.

Up until now creating these 3D laser maps quickly, reliably and in any environment has been a major challenge for business and industry. Most mapping solutions require expensive laser scanners and skilled engineers to survey the environment and some won’t work accurately in areas with a poor GPS signal. For a multi-storey building this might also mean waiting days or weeks for maps to be collected, processed and made available for download.

A 3D scan at Aviation Australia in Brisbane

A 3D scan at Aviation Australia in Brisbane

Our response

We teamed up with 3D Laser Mapping

In order to overcome this challenge, we have teamed up with global distributor 3D Laser Mapping to license our reliable and low-cost Zebedee technology to UK start-up GeoSLAM in order to offer the world's first mobile handheld laser mapping system together with a cloud-based 3D mapping service to the international market.

Zebedee (commercially available through GeoSLAM as ZEB1 ) consists of a lightweight laser scanner and inertial measurement unit. Zebedee enables a user to generate a 3D map simply by walking through a desired location. The laser scanner rocks back and forward on a spring scanning the environment, while a battery pack and laptop for recording and uploading the 3D map data is stored in a lightweight backpack.

Zebedee has a number of advantages over traditional systems:

  • Rapid Scanning of Large Areas – scan at walking speed
  • Portable – the scanner goes wherever you go
  • Long Lasting – data capture all day long
  • Versatile - ideal in areas with no GPS
  • Cost Effective - no need for expensive software or high-end computers
  • Simple to use – only basic training required to operate
  • Automatic Data Processing – no processing staff required
  • Lightweight – less than 700g

The results

Opening up access to global markets

Through its commercialisation, the Zebedee system is now reaching users all over the world. In fact, it is being used by more than 25 multinational organisations for efficiency and productivity gains.

Our partnership with 3D Laser Mapping has made the technology more accessible and has the potential to dramatically increase the use of 3D mapping across the globe.

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