At Data61, we believe that creating opportunities for PhD students is critical to drive Australia’s data-driven future and to lead the world in change.

To create a better world for future generations, Data61 impart a calibre and depth of research that impacts a wide range of industries. From smart cities, data-driven health and social services, to digital economy, safety and security, and digital government - at Data61 we create the data you can trust.

In collaboration with over 25 research organisations, Data61 PhD students will be provided the platform to exceed; exposed to a culture of research excellence; rub shoulders with research giants, and contribute to world leading deep science and technology research development.

As part of Australia’s leading digital research powerhouse, we inspire Data61 PhD students to contribute to a data rich community that informs, impacts and continually evolves.


Our Scholarship Program

Our scholars join a national team, linked to a global innovation network that's building research - driven data solutions - all while being enrolled locally at one of our partner universities.


Collaborating With Research Organisations

We partner with 30 research organisations on collaborative research projects and student supervision.


Data61 Scholarship Application Form


Digital Agriculture Scholarships

In collaboration with CSIRO Agriculture & Food and four Australian universities, Data61 is proud to provide digital agriculture scholarship opportunities.

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