Startups take risks larger businesses often won't take. Entrepreneurs create new industries and reinvent existing ones. They imagine a world that's better and transform ideas into world-changing ventures.

Between 2004 and 2011, Australian startups contributed $164 billion to the Australian economy - that's nearly 40 percent of the value added to the economy over that period.

We've launched several of our own successful ventures, so startups are part of what we are made from.

That's why we have agreements in place with Australia's major startup incubators and why we're working to deliver value to start-ups across the country.

Resources for start-ups

Technology Licensing

We're working on making more of our technology available for license by startups. Visit Source IP to browse our available patents.

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Ribit - Connecting startups to student interns

Ribit is opening up the world of internships to startups and disruptive companies make it easier for students to enhance their professional network and gain the skills they need to work at innovative companies, startups and SMEs. Our partnerships with startup incubators and accelerators are paving the way for even more businesses to benefit from working with Australia's most skilled and enthusiastic students.

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ON - Australia's sci-tech innovation accelerator

ON is Australia's sci-tech innovation accelerator dedicated to unearthing amazing research and steering it towards high potential innovative ventures. Established by CSIRO in 2015, ON specialises in assisting researchers from the fields of science and technology working on projects that have the potential to shape Australia's future. ON is always looking to collaborate with members of the Australian innovation system – no matter how big or small.

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SME Connect – access the right expertise and solutions

CSIRO's SME Connect team help Australian SMEs get the most value out of their research and development activities to overcome technical challenges and improve their business performance.

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