Recent months saw substantial impact for Data61:

Despite the holidays being a traditionally quiet time period, we still managed to get some key pieces of impact out into the world:

  • Data61 played a big role in helping the public understand the hype around bitcoin and blockchain. We featured in two radio interviews (including ABC RN ) and two TV interviews (ABC News and Sky Business). Dr Lucy Cameron wrote an article  for The Conversation, which was the most read CSIRO article of 2017 (with 130k readers) and was syndicated to Smart Company and The Guardian  where it received 894 comments.
  • Data61 contributor Dr Yuval Yarom was one of a group of researchers to discover and report Spectre and Meltdown, major cyber vulnerabilities. Extensive global media coverage, cited Data61's involvement in uncovering the flaws. Media highlights include Dr Yarom's interview with the ABC , and Dr Gernot Heiser's ZDNet story. Insecure by design – lessons from the Meltdown and Spectre debacle, was published in The Conversation, and was written by Dr Yarom Dr Heiser.
  • We led the discussion around the ethics of artificial intelligence, with Data61's Lachlan McCalman featuring in an ABC Future Tense radio segment  and an ABC news article  as a cited expert.
  • Our Conversation article  on the widening gap between jobs in Australian cities and the regions, by Claire Mason, Andrew Reeson and Todd Sanderson, was published. The Courier Mail published a story on Hovermap, our autonomous drone payload technology Data61's Matt Adcock published a Conversation article about augmented reality, and spoke to 2UE Talking Technology and 2SER about the future of this technology.

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