Our Science Vision

The calibre and depth of our research is what provides our competitive advantage. It also plays a major role in attracting our talent.

But what research? That is the question the Data61 Science Vision [pdf · 1mb] answers. This document sets a high bar for everything that we do. It’s motivated by the challenges and opportunities arising from technologies for data.

There are two key dimensions: data you can trust, by which we mean trust in the source of the data, the reliability of its conclusions, and trust that it will not be used to harm you.

The second dimension is technology that works for you. Technology doesn’t determine its future. We determine it, and shape it - by building technology with utility and purpose. Our work is focused on how to build trustworthy data technologies that do what they are supposed to do, and nothing else.

The Data61 Science Vision is not a project plan. We have a large range of projects that contribute to the vision that you can find in Our Work. You won’t find milestones and deliverables, but you will find a compelling story about how Data61’s world-leading research talent will work with you to create our data driven future

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