Digital disruption affects everyone. These changes are playing out across industry, government and society. We’re shifting to a new economic structure, an evidence-based world, where data underpins our decision making. In the future, data-driven insights will guide the way we live, work, learn and innovate.

We’re here to help you create your data-driven future - today

The opportunities have never been greater, but nothing big was achieved alone.

We have been established to extend the reach of your efforts and help you realise your ambitions.  With more than 1,100 staff, including 400+ resident PhD students, we’re Australia’s leading digital research powerhouse. We have the research capabilities, intellectual property, collaboration programs and global outlook to unleash our digital and data-driven potential.

Being part of CSIRO, Australia’s innovation catalyst, we have a rich history of delivering solutions and domain expertise across a wide range of industries including agriculture; cybersecurity; digital economy; energy; enterprise; environment; health; financial services; government; manufacturing; mining, and transport and logistics.

And by collaborating across sectors, we provide advanced capabilities in navigating change, managing risk and driving innovation to make things that were unimaginable work by using cutting-edge research. Our network includes 14 leading incubators, 29 university partners, more than 90 corporate partners, and all spheres of government.

We combine new tools and thinking with disciplined delivery. Students work alongside scientists on real world projects. We are the ones who can help you create a new business or a new industry.

You redefine what’s possible.

We’re the ones who can get you there faster!

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