The challenge

Smart businesses seeking smart students

Innovative businesses are the key to economic growth and new jobs. And to grow and innovate, they need top talent and skills that are in short supply.

There's no shortage of smart undergraduate and post-graduates students wanting to work and build skills while studying, but the road to making these connections isn't easy.

Business find it hard and slow to navigate individual university job pathways, while students struggle to find quality businesses that complement their studies.

Our response

Job-hunting made easy

Ribit is an online matchmaking platform that directly connects innovative companies, startups and SMEs to students with the skills they need.

This free service channels user requirements into a quick and intuitive registration process, making it easy for businesses to post their requirements.

Student "Ribit-ers" distil their skills and experiences into a single profile. A quick sign-up reveals internships and other work opportunities aligned with their skills and needs.

The matching is processed via an algorithmic platform which factors in skills, location and other data points.

Since setting up in beta in February 2016, over 600 innovative businesses and over 6500 students from across Australia have registered on the platform. This resulted in over 1000 speed-dating interviews in 10 events across the eastern states and 250 job and paid internships matches.

Ribit employers are the innovative and disruptive companies that are transforming industries and growing. Ribit students have the latest digital skills relating to STEM, business and data analysis, design, and marketing.

These skills are needed to help businesses of all sizes to grow and transform in any industry sector.

"We were (one of) the first Victorian employers to advertise on Ribit. We attracted a number of high calibre STEM applicants and have now employed a student (and have gone back to look for more). I would definitely use Ribit again and recommend it to others." Alan Dormer, Chief Executive, Opturion

Flexibility is a major consideration. Whether they are looking to trial new talent or just need a specific skill set to complete a projects, employers can choose internships, part-time jobs or one-off projects, positions which also complement a packed study schedule.

The results

Getting industry closer to academia

Ribit also hosts fast-paced, physical speed-dating-for-jobs events which offer students the chance to pitch for jobs with multiple businesses and start-ups.

Teaming up with local co-working spaces and other partners across Australia, we've run events in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Brisbane and the Gold Coast across  fintech, logistics/big data tech, traveltech, medtech and other high-growth sectors.

A typical speed-networking night generates an electric atmosphere sparked by combining 100+ ambitious students, 25-30 talent hungry businesses and enthusiastic mentors who dispense industry wisdom on the fly.

In November 2016, our Medtech & Biotech Mingle Melbourne brought together the big and small end of town. Over 200 students from Victorian universities met over 50 corporate executives, small business and start-up founders: from EY, IBM, CSL and Cochlear to Clinicloud, MDI and Anatomics. Over a third were post-graduates.

With industry mentors, academics and expert pitch doctors ready to help, no student was left without new industry connections, interview experience or - in many cases - a job opportunity.

In February 2017, Ribit is rolling out its new look website and placement for credit platform, in collaboration with eight universities across eastern Australia. We will set up a new feature linking PhD students to projects and promote stronger connections across the ecosystem through a new social media channel.

A cybersecurity and defence speed-dating event will be held in early 2017.

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