At Data61, the dynamic partnerships we enjoy with leading Australian universities adds significant strength and research capability to our network.

We help create careers because students work alongside our scientists on real world projects.

We currently work with 29 Australian universities and have close links to other world-leading international universities such as Harvard. We are proud of our rich, multi-dimensional relationships which add to our technical capability and knowledge base.

PhDs and the network of global partnerships

Our Data61 team includes more than 415 resident PhD students, summer scholars, visiting researchers and interns. We draw on their ideas and help them make these real. Our teams create experience that is irreplaceable.

When you work alongside us you'll be supported by a real sleeves-rolled-up partner. We are not a cheer squad nor a consultant. We are innovators and inventors and we are work alongside our partners.

Our cross functional teams combine new technology, thinking, invention and innovation and focus on disciplined delivery. We work with organisations in Australia and across the world.

We all derive a far richer experience and ultimately our students are more employable. From here they create new business and forge the pathway to create new industries.

The co-supervision and funding of PhD students is central to our goal of increasing the number of quality PhD students across all disciplines of data-related science and technology; we believe this is critical to our ongoing ability to remain globally competitive.

Data61 offers a significant number of scholarships to our best and brightest and a stimulating environment in which to excel.

Our researchers typically have adjunct appointments at their local universities, where they contribute to PhD student supervision and undergraduate teaching. Additionally, we partner with universities on collaborative research projects which align with our strategic goals, and jointly bid for research funding from government sources such as ARENA.

The opportunities have never been greater and competition has never been more intense : Open Labs Data61, is modelled on Berkeley's AMPlab initiative. We partner with the world's best and most ambitious to create exciting new opportunities for university collaboration.

Let's work together to create your data-driven future - today.

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