Start-ups take risks larger businesses often won't take. Entrepreneurs create new industries and reinvent existing ones. They imagine a world that's better and transform ideas into world-changing ventures. Science and technology innovation delivered through start-ups are responsible for more than 20 per cent of US GDP.

We've launched several of our own successful ventures, so start-ups are part of what we are made from. When you work alongside us you'll be supported by a real sleeves-rolled-up partner. We are uniquely positioned to not only transform a passion into something real, we deliver the skills and resources to help start-ups apply resources that are normally impossible to secure.

We help start-ups who've locked onto an idea get there faster.

That’s why we have agreements in place with Australia's major start-up incubators and we're working to bring leveraged value through our new D61+ Partner Program. We offer  professional and technical assistance to give these dynamic small businesses their best shot at success.

Inside the D61+ startup partner program

Participating start-ups will be offered access to our technical and domain expertise and capability around data capture, analysis and use. This includes data science, data engineering and user experience (UX) design. When you work alongside us you’ll be supported by a real sleeves-rolled-up partner. We are not a cheer squad nor a consultant. We are innovators and inventors and we work alongside our partners.

Start-ups will also be provided with opportunities to licence beneficial IP such as technology and software, and we'll provide access to capital and commercialisation pathways through our trusted partners.

The start-ups we work with will benefit from mentoring opportunities, training events, meet ups and seminars hosted by Data61, and from our strong links to global technology networks. Our start-up program is in the final stages of development (in consultation with incubators and start-ups themselves): we expect it to ramp up during the second half of 2016.

We're the ones who help start-ups get there faster!

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